Why is it important to use flow lines?

Assembly lines help automate production operations and ensure a continuous production cycle.

Areas where they are used: food and light industry.

what is an Assembly line?

Assembly lines are technologically connected transport devices of machines along which the output passes and is controlled automatically.

The implementation of the Assembly line occurs mainly in a large production facility, where a smooth flow of auxiliary and main operations is required.

The end result is a large volume of finished products without compromising their quality.

In the production process, it is important that all processes are automatically connected and do not break the cycle.

the main reasons why streamlines are used:

    increase in production labor.

    high quality of finished products.

    speed and automation of production operations.

    optimization of labor costs.

    the flow stream of the production cycle.

types of streaming lines

    according to the transmission cycle of the Assembly line: lines with a forced cycle and lines with a uniform cycle.

    depending on the number of items produced, they will be: single-row and multi-subject.

flow lines that San Max trade offers:

    Nail Polish filling line.

    antifreeze filling line.

    water filling line.

    Wine filling line with corks.

    Oil filling line.

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