Search for manufacturer, equipment and goods in China

One of the first stages of cooperation is a Service Request.
Within this service of our search for the company, the required products or manufacturer manufacture these products or the manufacturing country or companies that supply these products on the market. The search is carried out in accordance with the statement of work received from the client.
The service request includes the analytical work on China’s research market. The survey begins as soon as the client signs the contract and leaves his or her requirements for the information that interests him.
After the survey is complete it is allowed for the client to have a look at the findings in a specially crafted table. It will not only show manufacturers from China, but also the price of manufactured goods or marketable goods.

The market research report includes:

The addresses and phone numbers of the companies you are interested in, their web addresses, etc.
data official law firms, including not only the legal form, but also the share capital.
The figures for the companies, namely: number of employees, size of work and office space, etc.
Economic indicator of the company’s performance, including the monetary cycle of the past year.
Prices for product extruder lines, thermoforming machines, etc.) of your interest.
A spread in order of magnitude of supply, from the original lot to the final one.
A period the company will produce goods within.
Specificity of payments to manufacturing companies and agents.
All information on packing case.
quality certificates and other documents certifying compliance with the standards.
If able to receive product catalog, test models, it will also be reflected in the report.
Information on seasonal variation in the prices of required products and discounts and stocks.

The report usually collects data from 10 or more manufacturers. The service request is in operation for 15 working days. This service is free of charge for customers who have already partnered with our product company.

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