Our Projects

Initial start – up and setup of a vertical packaging machine, from one of our regular customers.

Installation and start-up in one of our clients, herb mill 50-100 kg /h.

Launch of horizontal packing machine (flow again) that we purchased for our client, along with labeling machine.

Running a horizontal flow packer machine with top seam. Our second packaging machine with this customer.

Installation and commissioning of the machine with our regular client. Filling the tahini into a glass jar, closing with vacuum and sticking the date labels.

The horizontal packing machine FLOUPACK that we have delivered to the client, we have put it into operation and it is already in full operation mode.

Launching a Positional Round Bottle Labeling Machine with our new client.

Running a bottling line and sealing oil in glass bottles with aluminum screw caps with our regular customer.

This double-sided labeling machine is a continuation of an oil bottling line that was installed some time ago by the same customer.