Water filling line


Sun Max trade LTD offers its customers modern, highly efficient and high-quality lines for filling water and beverages.

Filling line for drinking and sparkling water in five and glass bottles with a maximum capacity of up to 12,000 bottles per hour.The range of bottles from 0.25 to 2.0 liters allows you to expand the product range.
Water and beverage filling lines produced by sun Max trade LLC are characterized by reliability and high quality, as evidenced by our certificates.
Customers can order not only the entire line, but also individual parts of the equipment: filling machine,five-bottle blowing machine, closing and marking machine for various types of labels, packaging equipment.

list of cars and price

bottle feed
air conveyor

3-in-1 filling (Triblock)


< TD>1 piece>

drain + tunnel marking machine
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“2” >Other< / TD>

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auxiliary spare parts

< TD > 1 set< / TD>

No System< / td>

Purpose< / td>

Specification Volume< / td>

Notes< / td>
1. 2m< / TD>

2. CGF14-12-5 3000BPH (500ml)
3. Marking SUS304
5. Thermopolyae machine (stack machine)



    the design of the conveyor system in a real work meeting presents the customer with a detailed drawing.

    the final price is confirmed during the final negotiations.

rinse-fill-close 3-in-1 monoblock

General description

3-in-1 triblock combined with rinsing, filling and closing. It has been updated and developed to meet the requirement of still pure water and mineral water, based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of advanced technologies from China.


basic configuration

touch screen

program controller

frequency Converter

other electrical components

water pump

photoelectric sensors

pneumatic components

main engine

Hardware< / td>

Company< / td>


8. Technical parameters



    rinses: 14
    water consumption: 1T / h
    completing the Chapter: 12
    closing heads: 5

  • The opportunity: 3000BPH-4000BPH
  • bottle height: 150 ~ 310mm
    < li>bottle Diameter: F50~f100mm

    suitable cover: plastic cover
    total power: 3.5 kW

  • Dimensions: 2400mm?1700mm?2300mm< / li>
  • Weight: 2000kg< / li>