Vertical granule packing machine


The machine adopts the most advanced microcomputer control in the world, 5-inch large-screen LCD screen, easy-to-use interface, with photoelectric tracking and eye detection, in two packages of precise sealing and cutting, you can install: date printer and graduation or inflatable devices.

The machine adapts to various powders and granules, such as peanuts, beans, peas, seeds, washing powder, soy milk powder, good mobility, popcorn and other materials, automatic packaging

< td> Trisheven, “pillow”

< td>FOB PRICE negotiated price

< td>FOB PRICE negotiated price

Machine type 320 Type< / td>

420 Type< / td>
Type configuration< / td>
< td> Trisheven, “pillow”
Packing speed< / td>
< TD>40-80 pack / minute< / TD>
< TD>20-60 pack / minute< / TD>
< strong>packet Length< / td>

30-180mm 90-320mm
< strong>packet Width< / td>

25-150mm 80-200mm
Engine range< / td>

22-220ml 200-1000ml
Power< / td>

1.8kw 2.4kw
Weight< / td>

280kg 380kg
Machine dimensions 750*1150*1750mm 1150*750*1950mm
Cell size 1220*850*1820mm 1220*850*2150mm