Shrink wrapping machine


It is used for packaging glass and plastic bottles, canned and glass cans.

The price is negotiable


Specification :

< td>Power

heater power

sealing time/shrink

conveyor speed

loading the pipeline

tunnel size (l * W * N)

film width

loading the pipeline

film thickness

shrink film

machine weight

machine size

< TD>min. package size

machine size

machine size

Model BZJ-5038B(Pneumatic) Model BSE5040A
Power supply< / td>

380V, 50Hz;1.8KW Power supply< / td>

3phase 380V 50HZ
2-5pcs / minute 25KW corrector
0.5-1.5s, 0-0.6s 0-10m/minute
30kg 1200*500*380mm
Max. 500mm 25Kkg MAX.
0.04-0.12 mm PE,POF,PVC,PP
450 x 270 x 350mm 250KG
250 x 60 x 60mm 2200*780*1470mm
1020 x 830 x 1980mm