Semi-automatic vacuum capping machine ZK-2


1. Price list

semi-automatic vacuum capping machine ZK-2< / TD>

Hardware< / td>

Volume< / td>

Price (EURO)
1 1 By agreement< / td>


delivery time

35 days after the initial payment

payment method

30% down payment, 70% before delivery

2. Specification
2.1 main technical parameters

< td>Power closing height
< TD > 60-180mm< / TD>
< td>cap Diameter air pressure

package size

Voltage AC 220V
20-75 mm
0.4-0.6 MPa


2.2 device Configuration :
2.2.1 this equipment is suitable for the canning industry (glass bottle and sheet metal)
2.2.2 semi-automatic type: put on the lid and bottle with hand + circulating vacuum chamber
2.2.3 Principle: pneumatic cylinders rotate, atmospheric pressure places the closing head of the air cylinder to make a reciprocating movement, and then control the rise and fall; horizontal cylinder control the movement of the bottle clamp reciprocating to complete the machine. When the cover is screwed down, the closing head automatically rises, can effectively avoid the cover wear. At the same time, it also means that you can enter the next operation of the bottle cap, effectively reducing the labor intensity to ensure the quality of the cap.
2.2.4 panel with a simple and convenient view.
2.2.5 using high-tech electronic chips, high accuracy, clear reading
2.2.6 control mode for microcomputers, electronic memory functions; control combined with pneumatic and electric, can adjust the tightness according to the type of cover.
2.2.7 there are two types of rotation: from the pedal or automatically, can be arbitrary switching
2.2.8 Attention: the vacuum pump and air compressor must be provided by the customer.