Oil filling line


The line is designed for automatic filling of oil, carbonated or non-carbonated mineral water, non-toxic, non-aggressive technically filtered liquids in the filling range of 0.5-5.0 liters, automatic closing of bottles with plastic threaded or cork caps and self-adhesive labels.
The line uses pneumatic equipment from Festo or Camozzi, controllers and electronics from OMRON.
The line is made for specific sizes of bottles, caps and labels that are specified in the contract when ordering the line.

Production Price:

No. Model: Notes< / td>
1 SMT-6500/5000
  • 6 filling nozzles< / li>
  • Filling range: 5 00- 5 000 ml< / li>
  • The rate of filling:

sample 2000 ~ 4000 bottles per hour for 5L of oil

the speed differs depending on the filling volume, viscosity, etc. < / strong>< / em>

  • Accuracy-within ± 0.5 ~ 1%< / strong>< / li>
  • Equipped with 8 m standard conveyor< / strong>< / li>
  • < strong>PLC & amp; touch screen MITSUBISHI, Japan< / li>
  • One air cylinder controls one plnachna DZA< / u>< / li>
  • With liquid level controller and inlet valve< / strong>< / li>
  • Main pneumatic components from Airtac< / li>
    main electrical parts of Schneider, OMRON, etc. < /strong>< / li>
    material that comes into contact with the product is 316L stainless steel

  • Stainless steel frame< / li>


delivery time :

60 days after the initial payment reaches the seller’s account.