Marking machine with positioning


Refers to the peripheral surface of the object of the round bottle class, can be attached to the single standard and double standard, whether it can flexibly adjust the double standard distance, such as round gel water bottles, canned food and other round food labels, widely used in cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, disinfectant and other industries.

Additional peripheral location recognition tools can be implemented on the peripheral surface that indicates the specified location.

Optional ribbon printer and inkjet printer to achieve the date of manufacture printed on the label, and batch information to achieve marking-attached integration.


1. about the label: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive film, electronic surveillance code, barcode, etc.

2. Application: diameter 30mm ~ 90mm round bottle between.

3. Industry: widely used in medicine, food, toys, cosmetics and other industries.

4. Application: disinfection bottle labeling, double standard gel labeling, red wine bottles marked with positive labeling, etc.


Main works: place the product on the conveyor belt, in the agencies under the bottles, sub-agencies will be delivered separately, the sensor detects that the product transmits a signal returned to the labeling control system, the place control system to control the corresponding motor send the tab and set to the position of the product label until the label-related action is over the standard.

Procedure: put the conveyor belt of the product (which can be accessed) – > product Delivery- > Products that I nuthirani – > product Testing- > product Positioning – > labeling And covered with a sample – > product collection for labeling.

Technical parameters: the following technical parameters for the standard model, other special requirements and functions can be adapted

Corresponding label length (mm): 20mm ~ 285mm
Applicable label width (back paper width / mm): 20mm ~ 160mm
Applicable dimensions (length * width * height / thickness): /
Applicable products diameter (for round bottle) and height: diameter: ?25mm ~ ?90mm, Height: 25mm ~ 300mm
The applicable standard diameter of roller (mm): ф280мм
Applicable standard roller diameter (mm): 7676 mm
Marking accuracy (mm): 1 mm
Standard speed (m / min): Servo: 5 ~ 25m / min, step: 5 ~ 19m / min speed marking Speed (PCs / min): Step: 25 ~ 45pcs / min, Longitudinal: 30 ~ 60pcs / min
Conveyor speed (m / min): 5 ~ 18 m / min
Weight (kg): about 185 kg
Frequency (Hz): 50 Hz
Voltage (V): 220V
Power (W): clutch Pitch: 570W, Longitudinal housing: 980W
Device dimensions (mm): 1950 mm * 1200 mm * 1530 mm pressure (MPa): 0.4 ~ 0.6 MPa

1. Powerful the same device can be implemented in the same object class with round bottle marking and double standard marking, double standard distance can be flexibly adjusted. An additional peripheral location recognition device can be implemented in the peripheral surface positioning marking function;

2. label Overlap and high-pressure top configuration mechanism, which combines 3-axis positioning mechanism to prevent fluctuations in the bottle, improve labeling accuracy;

3. Automatic bottle using spring organizations to effectively eliminate the error caused by the bottle itself, not smooth, improving stability;

4. touch screen Control, human-machine interface with working learning functions, intuitive parameter change, easy switching of various functions;

5. Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, no object without marking, no automatic correction of labels and automatic detection, labels and drainage functions, to avoid the loss of stickers;

6. Solid health, production of primary aluminum, made of stainless steel and high-quality firm, in accordance with GMP production requirements;

7. With automatic shutdown function, production counting function, power saving function (no production for a set time, the device automatically in power saving standby mode), number setting prompts, Setting protection function (sub-direct setting control) to facilitate production and management;

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