Manual inkjet code


Our KP680 printing machine can be used manually for small quantities of products, also can be used in conveyor.
In addition, light weight and easy operation. It has been selected by many customers around the world to print the batch number, expiration date, logo, barcode symbol, and more., On paper, plastic, glass, metal, and PVC Windows.

Material application of wood, cardboard box, stone, steel beams, pipes, metal, plastic, aluminum foil

Print content:
Print the region code, date, batch number, and other products with content mainly used in the package. It is widely used in food, drinking, pharmaceutical, chemical, cement and other industries. Printing on porous surfaces (for example, regular cardboard boxes, patterns)

Technical description:

Model KP-680 date printing machine
Display 4.3 ” touch screen
Sign height 1 mm-12.5 mm
Print area 1-8 lines
Characters for printing Number, data, time. Quality code, barcode, logo, photos, expiration date
Eco-friendly solvent-based or oil-based ink cartridge
Memory storage for a huge amount of information
Images for printing alphanumeric, logo, date/ time, expiration date, shift code, lot code and barcode, counter
Printing direction 360 degrees
42ml ink volume (can normally print 800,000 characters)
Ink color black / white / red / blue / yellow / green, invisible (normal black)
Message storage capacity store up to 1000 messages using a memory card
Size (L / W / H) 140x 130x 240mm
Weight 1.25 kg