Labelling machine



For pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and other industries, round labeling can be placed with about half of the full packaging. Optional automatic gramophone Unscrambler can be directly connected to the production line from the front end, automatic feeding bottle in the labeling machine, improving efficiency. Additional configurations of the machine for encoding tape labels, online printing date and batch number, reduce bottle packaging processes, increase production efficiency.


For labels: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive film, electronic surveillance code, barcode, etc.

Application: the peripheral surface of the label or product attached to the membrane is required.

Industry: widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, cosmetics, electronics, metal, plastic and other industries.

Application: marking round pet bottles, marking plastic bottles, cans, etc.


Main job: product to separate the body of the bottle, the sensor detects the product passes the signal back to the control system marking the engine management system sends a label attached to the product subject to labeling and position, product delivers the cover building block, covered with a standard rotating products, the label is roll coating, a label attached action is completed.

Procedure: place the product (next to which you can get the line) – transfer the product (device automatically) – products minutes & GT; product testing-marking – & GT; marking – & GT; marking – & GT; marking – & GT; collection of marking products.

All etikirashi machines

technical parameters :

label length (mm)

applicable label width (back paper width / mm)

applicable product bottle diameter and height < / TD>

standard roller diameter (mm)< / TD>

standard roller diameter (mm)< / TD>

marking (mm)

standard speed (m / min)

transport speed (m / min)

weight (kg)

frequency (Hz)


Power (W)

device size (mm) (e x W * H)< / TD>

< td>negotiated price FOB Shangnai

20mm ~ 314mm
15mm ~ 150mm
?25mm ~ ?100mm , Height: 25mm ~ 230mm
Applicable standard roll diameter (mm) ?76mm
± 1mm
Stepping: 5 ~ 19m/min
30 ~ 80pcs/min (with the bottle and label size)
5 ~ 25m/min
about 185kg
1950mm ? 1100mm ? 1300mm