Horizontal packaging machine for packing sausages


Flopak (“flow-pack”) is Packed on products in a three-layer package. Its advantages have long been known: profitability, attractive appearance, convenience and safety of the product.

Trish package is sealed and protects the product from moisture, and when using metallized films and from the penetration of ultraviolet light inside the package.

CE is used for a huge variety of product groups in the food, cosmetics, and non-food industries. Such a package lends itself to all products that can be delivered to the conveyor belt. You can also display a package, several units in a package.The low cost of packaging material and high performance of flowpack packaging equipment provide attractive prices for this type of packaging.

SMT-U450F model

Packing speed (bag / min): 30-180bag / min

Package size (mm):


Camera W30-100/100-200


Maximum film width (mm): 450 mm

Film thickness (mm): 0.02 mm

Power: 220 V, 50/60 Hz, 3.2 kW

Overall size (mm): 4550*850*1520 mm.

Weight: 750 kg

Packing: 3.1 cu. M. 2CASES

Packaging material: OPP/PP, OPP / CPR?PT / PE, PE, cs / CPR St / pe / pe ?AI_ / PE and so on.