Fully automatic TB series marking machine


the application for labelling cover
a set of labels

changing the mark-up
different size bottle

roll up the oven
roll up the oven

steam generator
steam generator

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bridge, cable, wire reservoir< / TD>

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pipelines and valves

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packing and loading to Shanghai port

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Solar plant

auxiliary spare parts

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specification Qty. Price (EURO) Notes< / td>
TB-150 1 unit bargaining< / TD>

  0 unit By agreement< / td>
TB-2000 1 set  
TB-18kw 1 unit  
  1 set 0
  1 set 0
    By agreement< / td>

  1 set 0  
  Total (Euro) FOB Shanghai Port< / td>

By agreement< / td>




1. The validity of the quotation: 30 days

2. Holder: in terms of water, the equipment for / compressed air / current is provided by the buyer himself.

3. Delivery time: within 30 days after receipt of the down payment.

4. payment Terms: 40% T / T in advance, 60% T / T or L / C before shipment.

5. Assembly and commissioning fee: 50dollars / person / day, tickets and accommodation of the seller’s engineer are paid by the buyer

6. Commissioning and tools: welder argon etin lift, etc. nothing comes out of the customer.

  1. Technical parameters< / li>
  • Characteristics:


    1. the Machine is made of stainless steel and high-quality aluminum alloy, the structure is in reason, tighten, adjustment is convenient.
    2. You don’t need ground foot bolts, convenient to move, flexible production fit the field.
    3. Shrink frame volume film label, according to different label paper tube volume, adjust “10” range5.
    4. the Transmission of the machine can be adjusted conveniently, without tools, which make it more suitable for bottle sizes.
    5. Forced insertion design turns out to be reasonable and convenient.
    6. The number of cut label measure system guarantees a small error.
    7. the Specially designed knife plate is free to change with the appropriate specifications.
    8. Central column pluck system, change and install quickly, without tools.
    9. Dysport Bot screw, located strap, transport chain adopts synchronization adjust the template to configure the object.
    10. Introduction of Japanese servo motor and high delicacy photo-current, label cutting length is very accurate


Input Power 2.5KW
Input Voltage ?3,380/220VAC
Production Efficiency 150?bottles/min)
Size of Host Machine 2100L?850W?2000H
Applicable Diameter of Bottle Body 30mm?95mm
Applicable Length of Label 30mm?250mm
Applicable Thickness of Label 0.03mm?0.13mm
Applicable Internal Diameter of Paper Tube 5??10?


Denomination Model Amount Brand Origin
PLC FPX-C60T 1 Panasonic Japan
Touch screen MT6070IH 1 WEINVIEW Taiwan
High-speed fiber-optic sensors FX-301 1 Sunx Japan
Photoelectric sensor CX-421 1 Sunx Japan
Photoelectric sensor CX-442 1 Sunx Japan
Photoelectric sensor PM-L44 2 Sunx Japan
transport labels of the servo motor MHMD082P1U(400W) 1 Panasonic Japan
Transmission label of the servo drive MBDDT2210003?400W? 1 Panasonic Japan
Cutter servo motor MHMD042P1U(400W) 1 Panasonic Japan
Cutter servo drive MBDDT2210003?400W? 1 Panasonic Japan
Separate bottles of low-power AC motor 5IK90GN-YF-5GN7.5K 1 OPG Taiwan
Converter BFV00022DK 1 Panasonic Japan
Bottles Low-power AC motor 5IK90GN-YFT-5GN15K 1 OPG Taiwan
Bottles frequency converter BFV00022DK 1 Panasonic Japan
Motor transport RV50-20-0.75KW 1 OPG Taiwan
Transmission frequency converter BFV00072GK 1 Panasonic Japan
Rack low-power AC motor RV50-15K-180 1 OPG Taiwan
Rack Converter BFV00022DK 1 Panasonic Japan
ups and downs of AC motor 51K90GU-CF-5GU30KB 1 OPG Taiwan
Brush under the low-power AC motor 51K120A-CFT 1 OPG Taiwan
Low-power AC motor brush 4IK25GN-CF-4GN3K 2 OPG Taiwan
Fan motors YL8022 1 OPG Taiwan
Switch knob XB2-BD21 1 Schneider France
Switching Power Supply S-50-24 1 MINWEI Taiwan
AC contactor LC1-D1810M5C 2 Schneider France
Circuit Breaker D20 2P 1 Schneider France
exhaust fan SF11025AT 2 Luann Shanghai
Warning lights LTA-205WJ 1 Shanghai Shanghai
Socket 10A-220V 1 Shanghai Shanghai
Intermediate relay MY2NJ24VDC 5 OMRON Japan