Dpi packaging production line


The packaging Machine for the production of “DOI-Pak” automatically performs the following actions:

    unwrap the film with a diameter of 400 mm;
    bottom welding drilling with a diameter of 12 mm;
    folding the foil and forming the bottom;
    welding at the bottom of the package;
    welding of vertical joints;
    joint cooling (with water jacket);
    clipping a packet;
    insert ready-made packages into the drive.

The maximum dimensions of the manufactured package are 270 mm high and 190 mm wide.

The price of this car is < strong>under the contract< / strong>.

The price of the machine includes all parts and components for the production of packaging of the same size (width). When switching to different bag widths, it is necessary to change the welded bags with lower pads (changing the radius and depth of the bottom) and one film advance parts of the drive. The cost of such a set is 1150 euros.

Productivity 30-35 packs / min.;

Dimensions 4500*1200*1500 mm.;

Power Supply 220 V, 2000 W.

If necessary, make doy-pack packages with a cut corner, it is possible to complete the machine described above with an additional node.

If it is necessary that the Doypack packets are with a break in the corner, an additional node can be adapted to the machine described above. The cost of such a unit is 1000 euros.

The car in n / a gap will be more expensive from 2700 euros.

The production time of the equipment is 60-65 working days.

Warranty period of 12 months