Doypack packaging machine


The automatic dispenser packaging machine is designed for packaging liquid and pasty products such as mayonnaise, ketchup, sauce, mustard, chemicals and the like in DOYPACK bags.

The following operations are performed on the machine:

The operator places packages in the storage store.

The fitting is placed in a certain order (or fills them in the tank-orientator-option).

The following operations are performed automatically:

Sending packages from the device store to expand the machine package.
Control rcrit package.
Providing this dose of the product in the package.
Supply of fittings from drivers.
Seal the package with simultaneous injection of the fitting with simultaneous date setting by stamping.
Exit the package.

Automatic control is carried out by an electronic PLC system.
The electronic control system performs complete diagnostics of machine faults.

The design of the machine ensures that the product level is maintained in the consumption tank of the machine. The appropriate commands for feeding or stopping product delivery are issued by the product level monitoring system in the supply tank.

technical parameters

18 packs / min

dose volume < / TD>

package type

package width, mm< / TD>

package length, mm< / TD>

power supply

installed power, kW < / TD>

air consumption in l / min.

< TD>up to 75< / TD>

Atmospheric pressure, MPa

dimensions, mm, max
< TD>1200 * 1500 h-1700mm. weight, kg, no more


The cost of a car with standard protective barriers, doorway sensor and light column (certification is possible within the EU) – by agreement.


    The production period of the equipment is 35-40 working days after signing the terms of reference and advance payment.

    the conditions of commissioning are discussed separately. The equipment is guaranteed for 1 year.

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