Autoclaves for sterilization STERILIZING RETORT RTB-600


Sterilization (second): static type water spray
Packing: 150pcs glass jars – – – – – 50kg (Height mm; bottom diameter mm)
Initial product temperature: TBA
Product sterilization temperature: TBA
Product sterilization time: about 20 minutes
Sterilization capacity: 150 cans for 45 min each batch

brief introduction :

This machine is a fully automatic top-spray type sterilization retort with steam as a heating method, widely used for high-temperature packaging, such as recyclable glass, plastic bottles (PP, HDPE, etc.), Soft bags (aluminum foil bags, vacuum bags, etc.), retort bag, etc.), aluminum containers, cans, tin and glass bottles, cans, etc.

features of the machine :

1. Indirect heating and cooling, cooling water and process water are not in contact, and then avoid secondary pollution. Sterilization at high temperature for a short time.

2. Reducing steam consumption, the steam after spraying in the retort is mixed directly with water for sterilization, to improve the heating and cooling speed.

3. water Discharge at different angles, steam, air and water are mixed with convection to form a perfect temperature distribution.

4. a Small amount of process water cycle to achieve the desired sterilization temperature.

5. Perfect pressure control, all production pressure is constantly adjusted according to changes in the internal pressure of the product packaging, so that the deformation of the product packaging reaches a minimum, especially for gas packaging.

6. The system pre-heat process water to ensure that the insulation products of hot filling continued the heating process.

7. Low noise, creating a quiet, comfortable working environment.


1. the Germicidnate pot is made of SUS304 stainless steel plate, and the germicidnate pot is complete with a stainless steel insulation layer (the top insulation layer is necessary in order to protect and refracts heat loss during production, so that to effectively reproduce the heat preservation effect).

2. the diameter of the sterilization vessel is 600 g, the long straight pipe is 1000 mm.

3. it has 5 stainless steel dishes, 2 stainless steel food trays and 2 outdoor food carts.

4. the Vessel is equipped with 1 pump for hot and cold circulation, as well as all pipes and valves for water circulation.

5. 2 thermometers, 1 set of liquid level meter and 1 set of silicone sealer.

6. the Design pressure is 0.35 MPa, the test pressure is 0.44 MPa, the design temperature is 147.

7. One with fast heat exchanger.

8. sterilization program Design high intelligent operation programming control, can set hundreds of sterilization process and arbitrarily change hundreds of sterilization procedures, can achieve real-time pressure temperature curve. Display the animation process during sterilization, convenient and intuitive! Setting up the sterilization procedure: linear sterilization for heating and sterilization with double maximum heating degree, the heat distribution and f value are checked on the spot, and the best sterilization time is determined for you according to the actual test data. To ensure the quality of sterilization, product color, taste, nutrition unchanged

9. the Entire device is manufactured in accordance with FDA standards and comes with a temperature, pressure recorder, and Fo cost tester that can be printed or saved instantly. Comply with American food export standards


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Sterilizing retort (semi auto) 600*1000 1 set By agreement< / td>

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Sterilizing retort (automatic) 600*1000 1 set By agreement< / td>

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payment terms :

50% t / t when signing the contract
50% t/t on delivery

warranty: 12 months

Delivery: 50 days after receiving 50% Deposit

validity period: 30 days