Outsourcing of your business in China

Outsourcing of out-of-service service personnel in China is a core service of our company.
We offer full-featured business support and representation of the various interests of our partners in conducting business in the PRC.
Do you need a reliable agent-representative of your business in China who is ready to undertake all the operations your foreign company’s work for? We are glad to help you. Not only is our company a loyal and highly professional partner for you, but it will also be relieved of the need to manage offices and staff in a far foreign country.

We would like to bring to your attention a remote office services package which includes the following points:

Search and overall evaluation of potential partners in the PRC;
Monitoring of required services and products market share;
Work on monitoring and classification of information flows;
Preparation and translation of contracts and other commercial documents;
Negotiating with manufacturing and trading companies;
Timely delivery of product samples to the required destination;
Fastening orders for production or purchase products;
Ensuring the quality of the product and its packaging during manufacture or purchase;
Supervision of Chinese factories, including examination of production goods conditions, delivery and shipping schedule;
Technically, a contract accompanying and other document control;
Assistance in the creation of packaging layout product design and its templates;
Work on statistical and analytical findings of significant importance for the client;
Assistance in the implementation of logistical, financial calculations and legal advice;
Delivery and cargo on request registration;
Other necessary help with document processing.

In conclusion, if you decide that you need a reliable and accurate representative of your project in the PRC, contact our company. We will do all the necessary services for your business operation in high quality and timely. Our company deserves a solid reputation, representing a range of large and medium-sized companies in the RF and CIS countries in PCR. In the interest of our experience, we can guarantee you confident and sustainable business development in the PRC.